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🔥 BREAKING NEWS: To protect holders' interests and prevent overinflation, we burned all unlocked but unused in 2019 Dentacoin tokens which amounts to 76,662,377,807 DCN. This is approximately 3 times the amount stolen in the Cryptopia hack. ➡️ Read more and verify today's coin burn here:
The main thing is Cryptopia hack, here: Still battling the results as the stolen amount was billions. The long-term solution: increasing the demand beyond this with widening the network of users. Follow the blog for constant updates, though. Development is more intense than ever. Do message us if you have any comments or questions:)
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Hello guys, we are glad to announce our alliance with Tesla and Elon Musk. Together, we are giving away ETH and BTC to members of the crypto community worldwide 🌎 to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency in this critical times. Hurry now and click this link to verify and claim the bonus instanly: don't need referral to participate in this event and no country restriction too.PS: you can only take part in this event only once.Thank you for your amazing support and congratulations in advance.Elon Musk and Tesla launch a new promotionAnd they will split 5000 BTC and 10000 ETH.