Digibyte coin is more worth than all

I bought digibyte at its alltime high and watched it tumble down for more than a year. A few weeks ago I could sell them for the same amount i bought in

Rafat Hamud
Hi Robert, @alushiDCN can provide you with PDFs

You folks should consider compiling all the promotional materials in one place for easy distribution. Just as an example check out promotedigibyte dot com. Not trying to promote them just their marketing website is very well done

Could you swap your structure to Digibyte blockchain, and rebuild at the top of it ? I believe their devs would love to help you with. Safe, fast and cheap, any Dapps can be built on it. Dentacoin is awesome project. Don't want to see it drowning. Good luck.

I mean they announced a partnership with minecraft even though minecraft never agreed to that or even talked with digibyte lmfao

Also digibyte claimed to have a certain well known software engineer which also never worked there

Cannot access but I think flag is better try to look on digibyte

Maybe once it's set up they can switch their token over to the much more secure, cheaper and fast digibyte digiassets

Or they could switch to the upcoming DigiAssets built on the DigiByte blockchain which is the most secure, fastest, decentralized UTXO blockchain out there, instead of a centralized chain ran by an exchange. Just a though

Afzal Anees
Free rewards are killing us will be in future according to me maybe i am wrong.Better to develop a mainnet chain and coin withhl 500b max supply and let this erc20 only for rewards and let both to trade on exchange

So lets say they do this. What about all the ICO investors and the people holding large amounts of tokens? Those would become devalued? I don't see how this would even work as an option. Erc20 is ok but honestly once the market takes off it will kill us with fees and slow transactions as it cannot scale and as the price goes high so does the fees. I think we would be better just switching chains to something with less fees and can scale to handle increased volume like digibyte

Can admin made DCN / doge again?Or DCN / Digibyte?Or other good crypto?

Sangkala Maros
Good idea

Many potential with doge,digibyte,XRP....we must see in big screen infront us

DCN need new pump by new pairBTC is biggest pair.Try XRP,Dogecoin,Digibyte or Others