Did you have any crypto or stock trading when you invest $9k in the project? You knew about the risk/reward🤷🏻‍♂️

Cryptopia is currently undergoing liquidation. You should contact Grant & Thornton for the next steps

Are there other members doing it? i think cryptopia is a scam

so I have to wait for cryptopia to recover so I can get my wallet address?

Hey everyone. Heads up... my coinbase was hacked and they almost were able to take my cryptocurrency but good thing I had the two factor authentication. They were also able to change my sim number to one of theres to try and get a text msg code. So for the love of crypto PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use two factor authentication. It literally saved my ass. (Side note... they also took 5k from my chase bank account. Good thing chase reimburse me.)

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for example to bring in more capital. Where can we see how many DCNs are actually used for medical visits? To understand the relationship between the DCNs in circulation and the DCNs actually used?

Where can you see if dollars are used to pay for medical visits? :) Dentists don’t publish their bank account transactions, nor their crypto transactions. However, feel free to call partners and ask. I know the clinic where the currency is circulating the most for daily payments as we work in close partnership with them - why not calling/ writing to them?

My daily living and savings, doesn't rely on crypto anyway 😁. I just cut down my gym membership, starbucks, and beer (can't remove whiskey budget tho). Guess what i'm healthier, and have spare to save and some change to invest in crypto every two weeks.

Correct, this is a long term crypto project backed by a real company so stop worrying about price now and follow the progress of the company during the next 5-10 years 👍🏻

Cryptopia update

At this stage I've got to split cos 40% will have to join the bull maybe at least I can recover some of the loss mostly that of cryptopia hack.


Crypto cycle, the first year is bearish, the second year is sideways, and the last two years are bullish.

Crypto is not the same as the .com bubble, similar, but Crypto bubbles happens more often, i was in the .com bubble, not the same.

Crypto works in cycles, check the 10 year chart you will see and learn.

People are complaining about the price because every other crypto project has been blowing up the last few weeks and dcn has been stagnant.

I did not ask to indicate the amount in $ a as a percentage

it makes no difference whatsoever. posting financial figures is for publically traded companies on a stock exchange. when Dentacoin becomes public we will too. please research more about the difference between stocks and crypto it will help you make more educated decisions.

I know the whole economy of crypto projects

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Markus Conrads
Hello dentacoin team. I am supporting this projects since the ICO. I was wondering what kind of dentacoin holders value you have created in the last 3 years. If you look at what your goal was initially and what you have realised. Are you happy with your achievments or not? And what is the plan for shareholders value creation. At the end you want to atract more new dentacoin holders. How and with what arguments are you going to convince new people to invest?

Hey Markus, glad you've been here since the beginning :) To begin with, ask yourself: Where does the substantial value of this project lay? I have a clear answer here and I do believe that we have communicated this since the very beginning (incl. in the whitepaper). I do believe anyone who is here for the right reasons knows the answer as well, but let's think together.Dentacoin must be looked at much more as a traditional business that has implemented blockchain functionalities as it is 100% oriented towards a real-world industry. The audience extends far beyong the small crypto community and it's a fact that Dentacoin has attracted many people and dental offices that had never-ever dealt with crypto before. WHY? Because its main purpose is not to be yet another crypto payment/ speculation token. Its main purpose is to engage people towards better prevention and strong dentist-patient relations. The software products - developed and fully functional - as well as the DCN rewards implemented within, always serve this goal. Apart from the software side, in order for the currency itself to be a real currency, it must fulfill the following criteria:- easy access to it: Can you buy/ earn DCN - yes;- ability to buy goods/ services with it: Can you spend DCN - yes, at a growing number of locations and for an increasing number of purposes; - possible exchange to other currencies: Can you exchange DCN - yes, at a growing number of platforms and against an increasing number of crypto/ traditional currencies. So, a few questions to define whether we are "happy" with what we have achieved so far: - Are the plans in the Whitepaper timely fulfilled? Yes, even new ideas and products have been emerging meanwhile. - Is the network of users growing? Yes, to around 200K people as of this moment, incl. 1.8K dental offices.- Is the network of partners growing? Yes, to 100+ in 28 countries in the moment?- Has any other company achieved more in the direction to introduce blockchain-based solutions to the niche dental market? No. - Have any other blockchain currency and tools been implemented by more traditional businesses? Quite likely not. - Has this development been reflected to the market price? Well, before the Cryptopia hack it had started to. It's a fact that after that the market started reacting to very artificial conditions. However, within the scope of our plans, this can be defined as a short-term effect. With the strenghtening positions of Dentacoin tools and currency on the global dental market, the price should get more and more influenced by substanial factors such as real use, than by pure speculations. I would personally be happy if the crypto market would be closer to the traditional markets and, very importantly, well-regulated. At the moment, it is still at its very early stage of development and reacts to many, many factors that wouldn't mean a thing in future (I believe and hope).Sorry for the exceptionally long message but I needed to shout this out ☺️ I come to the office every single day, fully devoted to the idea that grabbed my attention and interest from the beginning. Do we care that the market price doesn't reflect our efforts at the moment? Well, how can it be otherwise? Will this affect our development? We are tiressly working to not let it. Is it easy? No, it is not. Developing a niche which is not yet existing can never be easy. Is it worth it? I am convinced it is.I am personally dreaming about a day when blockchain will not be a synonym of gambling. Then we can see this technology benefiting our lives to its full potential.

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Dentists around the world who accept DCN? and then how do they pay wages and bread in the family? with DCN?you are dreaming ... The only way to increase its value is to burn 7T and open other clinics around the world, owners of Dentacoin to use it.

Those that accept dcn now how do they pay wages?all that accept crypto payments how do they pay wages not all of them pay crypto you know...clearly you need to read the article post here about supply to keep abreast with tokenomics of dcn..

🇰🇪 Established back in 1989, Jesus Is the Answer Dental Clinic now makes a big step forward by becoming the first Dentacoin partner in Kenya! "We as people are headed to primarily online payments including cryptocurrencies such as Dentacoin which is a pioneer in its field," commented the manager. Read more:
we don't control price, it was the hack which impacted price, we are doing what we can, we will do coinburn every year

Please don't speak for the team. Yes the cryptopia hack did not help things for sure but we are slowly repairing the damage. Coin burns are scheduled and laid out in the whitepaper.

Find more information about the tokenomics behind the supply in article below: