Other partnerships in the pipeline as well + exchange listing/s

dcn tweets on poloniex update us pleass

Dcn is unable to qualify for the binance community coin voting round 9. Hope for next time

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Donika Kraeva 🙌 Dentacoin
Other partnerships in the pipeline as well + exchange listing/s

We have been hearing this since ages. Why is it so difficult for DCN to get listed on good exchanges? Due to small group size we are not able to win through votes..

Hi AJ, we are looking at many factors while considering listing on a particular exchange. If negotiations don't turn fruitful we seek to conclude them at a later stage and move on. Once we have an interesting offer we close the deal and announce it.

marco holder
Isn't it just a matter of money you have to pay to get listed?

No it is not. Exchanges have their internal assessment process, sometimes they review projects for months before listing.

Guys Kucoin n Bitblox is good exchange.

Atleast do something

Hey Keshav we'll take a closer look at both, if they haven't been approached already

I don't know where is delay then... Being invested since 2017 ico... We haven't got even good exchange?

Exchange is more important than development of Projects..

Dcn listed on which exchanges?? Pls guide

Peter pls I want to pm you.

Petar (Not Accepting Secret Chats) Stoykov
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You can buy/sell Dentacoin (DCN) on the following exchange platforms:- LBank- FatBTC- DOBI Trade- VinDAX- BitStorage- Graviex- Altilly- Coinlim- HitBTC- LATOKEN- Mercatox- TokenJar- Blockonix- BoaExchange- NetcoinsYou can also buy DCN by a credit/debit card directly from your Dentacoin wallet at: https://wallet.dentacoin.com/buy
Where is the highest volume??
You can check here:https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dentacoin/markets/

Thank you💐

Highest volume is most of the time at Dobi or Hitbtc. Too bad these excha ges are used very rare.

Need kucoin and binance.

If I could see dcn on any major exchange it's bittrex. Would be much better Imo.

Means??? Pls Elaborate

Means that the best exchanges for now to trade are those Dobi and Hitbtc because there is volume. . LaToken sucks and all the other exchanges have low volume. Actually Hitbtc sucks too, but I am not on Dobi so I cannot tell you if that one is any good. I bought Dentacoin on Hitbtc.Maybe Dobi is better then Hitbtc. That is why it is very important that denta will be released on a good exchange like Bittrex or Kucoin or Huobi.

and many reason, to account block

I use but I withdraw almost money, I can't take risk

Meghla Akash
and many reason, to account block

Yeah the review score of dobi is very loor, so I wouldn't trust that exchange.

Latoken Is full fake volume dcnno real buyers

That is why I really hope we get better exchanges because in my opinion Hitbtc and LaTaken are also not good exchanges. Hitbtc I know because I ever trade on this exchange in the psst.

I like KucoinBittrex and Binance the most. Huobi is ok aswell.

Hitbtc is a big exchange, but very low people known dcn project, that's why not real buyers

Big Exchange but if you trade on it, you notice how bad everything actually works on thst exchange. Plus the fee is ultra high

I really don't like itIn my opinion Cryptopia was better then Hitbtc in the time it still was online.

OkEx I also think is ok

I have 0.005 eth on my denta coin wallet and when i send DCN to an exchange it says "you need at least 0.005 eth",, how's that?!!