Mine just went through now.

It might be the network

🙌 You want to see Dentacoin on Poloniex? Let them know why you like the project and add the tags $DCN @dentacoin:https://twitter.com/Poloniex/status/1265221158099718144?s=09

When Binance???

yes form is filled just need your vote in the thread

Poloniex was the first exchange I used when I started buying btc.it a well reputable exchange from usa

I used polonidex for trx token

This exchange will definitely add value to this project

Come on guys i want 4k voted

Peter pls forward it to the analysis group.

would it be like to binAnce?

Edwin Iliw-Iliw
would it be like to binAnce?

My friend forget binance for now dcn was not listed on binance before it skyrocketed in Jan 2018 as little drop of water before you know it can transform into a mighty ocean.

Let get the exchanges we can lay our hands on for now.

Good day, a long time ago, when the recommendation link was sent and registered with that link, the recommendations were not counted. I would like to know if this error no longer exists.

Referrals only count once activity has been generated by the person invited

Please, is the depositing the only way to activate an account?

I have money sent from my mom and i cant withdraw because i am a new user

Now the money is stuck and i need to deposit before i can withdraw

Any help 😣

If someone could help.. Maybe help deposit from their wallet then i pay them back +50%

You can ask for any proofs you want

Im not here to scam

Lol 😂 this guy 👆🏻

I just joined the group

I need to withdraw my money

Are you asking for $0.22 cents for the gas fee?

Please what is the gas fee

Google it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hi Herald the gas fee varies based on the network load. To see what are typical gas fees for the day you can do so here:https://ethgasstation.info/

If you are using the Dentacoin wallet you can purchase Eth for gas via the buy section. Just tap the dropdown menu and select eth

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Why not apply before?

It means before your team is not contacted for listing at Poloniex?

it means this is the form to enroll yourself in the voting competition

there is a separate field in the form that asks if you have applied before

there are separate forms for voting and for regular application