So everyone.. You're not an investor, you're a potential client..

I have health insurance for that..why do I need dcn?

@Dabears4200 I'm more..hurry hurry

Ed Win
I have health insurance for that..why do I need dcn?

@everyone Ed Win is back. Market buy signal confirmed! Lol. 🚀🚀🚀

If the token has no value, how will you pay the costs of the services? that you pretend that a third party accepts a worthless token? things are free?

Danyel Rich•art AL
If the token has no value, how will you pay the costs of the services? that you pretend that a third party accepts a worthless token? things are free?

The token always has a USD value. It means you would have to pay your supplier the USD equivalent in dcn at time of purchase. Not sure why this is confusing. Either way it's the same price.

So basically all of the older buyers and holders are over paying for dental services now. A 10$ job now costs you 1000$

That's how the market is. I honestly don't think many older buyers are using their dcn for services at these prices. I know I am not. When we were in Jan 2018 I would have but not now.

Again this is not because of anything the team did. In fact they have done lots to try and combat the issues of the past 2 years like cryptopia and the massive bear market from buybacks to burns.

And via versa..should new buyers buy low and hold and it goes up they pay 10$ for $1000 in service

The data show 96.7% of holders are in red

I know I am. My portfolio went from almost 500k to 5k. But I have been in crypto for almost 4 years and have seen all this before. The lowest lows always bring the highest highs. Just need to be patient and cost average your way to the top

But keeping it real..most ppl here are not here for the dental service, they're here to get a roi on their usd put into dcn.

Your average person goes to see the dentist maybe once or twice a year

Ya but we need to be realistic. As long as btc is held down so are we. The market is a funny thing right now but hopefully things change for the better in the coming years.

We can't use the btc excuse Btc went to 14k and dcn kept the downfall going...

It has to be other things..

Btc isn't the problem. Need to find the real problem and find a solution for that problem..btc aint it

I personally think it's the supply is to big and marketing needs to ramp up a bit to create more demand. Maybe I'm wrong

Even though most are locked..that 7t does something to the subconscious

I honestly think it's that we are not on enough decent exchanges with real volume. Changelly was a big loss Imo. It was the easiest onboard for people we had I feel. Even if the next bull run comes we may get left behind with no good places to trade.

That could be an issue aswell..I agree.

I don't use exchanges personally so I know I have no way of selling if need be

Gotta find solutions to these real problems.. Btc aint it..

I have one Canadian exchange I have done KYC with that I use to buy ltc with fiat but outside that I only use non KYC swaps which leaves me at a real disadvantage right now. Hopefully this gets fixed as well

Even getting on some DEX like blockdx or atomic swap would be useful at this point

It also doesn't help that the wallet is x2 more expensive..had it been the same amount it is on hitbtc plus a fee people would be buying there.

It need to be the same + a fee so a little more but not like it is now.

Are you talking about the purchase with cc in the wallet feature?

Haven't looked at it lately.

Last time I did I was like o no

Stops people from purchasing

Ya that's indacoin and their fees unfortunately. There are few providers that can offer that kind of services and they all have outrageous fees and pricing I have found. Even simplex which is another like that most likely due to huge cc fees they pay on their end.

Ah I see. That's a potential problem that could use a solution

It's a give take situation. You want to offer an easy way to onboard but with the fees and such most companies have to pay to fiat providers makes it difficult

It's the fact that banks and cc companies control the fiat flow and set the fees

Why dont they offer that service with some of the unlock tokens when they become available

Sell dcn from them to us instead of a middle man

The unlocked tokens are either in people's wallets including exchanges and the rest are time locked as per the whitepaper. I don't think they can sell them directly due to security laws. Would be crossing the line into selling an actual asset if that makes sense

Like create a pool of tokens that can be bought on the wallet.