🙄 oops my bad, it never occurred to me

https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dentacoin/markets/#.Xhsu-_H7dxg.telegramThe price of Dentacoin is $0.000029 USD!
​​"Every patient wants the same thing. Not to be a patient." Dr. A.Kimionis, Medical Dent Dental Services.With this vision at heart, Dr. Kimionis is focusing on treatment that delivers long-term results. Recently, he joined Dentacoin Partner network and became one of the 🏆 TOP Dentists of the Month for January. Find out more:https://reviews.dentacoin.com/en/dentist/alexandros-kimionis/?utm_source=telegram

People are complaining about the price because every other crypto project has been blowing up the last few weeks and dcn has been stagnant.

This coin is being deliberately held down. You’d think whoever keeps forcing it down would want to make more money by letting it ride

Hi, best exchange for buy dcn?

7T circ OMG

Pls don't run away It will moon very soon just as they said buy dcn now.

The consept and team are amazing no dout

what is the total max supply?

but without proper marketing and using dentist alone wll take a long time to reflect the price


Pls delete this before they LL will remove you from group.

unless they inted to burn 90% dont see the point

unless they inted to burn 90% dont see the point

No just small small burn at the end of every year.unlocked and unused.

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Would you like to explore the Dentacoin concept in detail? You can find our whitepaper here:https://dentacoin.com/assets/uploads/whitepaper.pdf

please get acquainted with the release schedule outlined in the whitepaper

and keep in mind that Dentacoin has no decimal places

7,909,657,680,258 is this not 7.9trillion they is the total and Max supply.

But you said it has no decimal place

having no decimal places means that you can't have less than a whole Dentacoin

which results in less units as it is with Bitcoin where 1 bitcoin can be split among 8 decimal places