Great to hear! Thx for the fast answer!

Hallo zusammen, im offiziellen wird es auch gerade Thematisiert: „Friendz“ ist kein Partner vom DentaCoin Team. Das ist purer Scam! Die haben tatsächlich mein Bild auf Facebook auch verwendet um für Ihre Scam Aktion zu werben. Gebt also niemals euren Private Key her. Jeder der danach fragt ist per Definition jemand der Unlauteres vorhat!!

Adm, what are going to do as innovation to value our coin?

Hi thanks for your feedback. As this is a German group only it would make sense to ask your question in the English Main Group which you can find here:

СеƖеƅrаtἰⴖg 𐌏uг Νеԝ Cгуρto Еxсhаnge - Bἱnаnсе UЅВiⴖаnсe ἱ𐑈 рleaѕeԁ to aⴖⴖоuⴖcе the unmatсhed tгaԁἱng tеchnoƖogу pƖatfоrm of Вἱnаncе to thе Uⴖitеԁ Stаtе𐑈 аⴖd alƖ of Nогth Amегiса.Tо сeƖeƅrate the lаunch оf Вἰⴖаⴖсе UЅ, we arе геwаrԁἰⴖg the fἰr𐑈t 5000 paгtісiрaⴖt𐑈 with 10 tἱmе𐑈 ԁеpo𐑈ἱt bonus aѕ а wау to thank оuг fаnѕ woгƖdwἱԁе. Ρartἰcἰраtе nоwОⴖly the fἰrst 5000 u𐑈erѕ wіƖƖ be rewardеd aⴖԁ іt's оn a fiг𐑈t come fіг𐑈t servеd bа𐑈ἱ𐑈. QuаƖіfying u𐑈еrs ԝἰll гесeive the dероsіt bоnus aloⴖg ԝἱth an ἰnνitаtἰon link to ƅeta test the ⴖeԝ eхchaⴖgе. ⴹveгγ ƅug/hасk/ρroƅƖеm fоunԁ ԝἱƖƖ bе гeԝardеd (more detаіls upоⴖ sign-uр).ⴹvent еⴖds tоԁаy!ӀМP𐌏RTАΝ𐌕: Εаch реr𐑈oⴖ can оⴖƖy раrtἰсἱρate оnе tἰme.ΑƖl рeгѕоn𐑈 arе аƅlе to ρаrticiρatе, ἰⴖсƖuԁiⴖg thоѕe ἰⴖ thе Unitеd Stаtеs.To Ɩearⴖ mоrе, рleаsе νἰsit thе lἰnk ƅеlоԝ:✅ Clἱck herеаⴖk yоu foг yоur ѕupрoгt!Binаnсе US

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Ein dritter Weg den ich mal probiert habe, war dass ich bei Facebook in Zahnarzt Gruppen gegangen bin. Dort habe ich mich proaktiv mit den dortigen Ärzten zum Thema ausgetauscht.

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Dear Dr. Dimitar, I know you’re swamped, so I’ll be brief as possible. As I am writing, there are some facts you might consider: 1. DCNUSDT price is in continuous bear condition at hitbtc exchange which have the real liquidity to buy/sell and did not  joined any of cryptos market bull runs.2. DCNUSDT price x37 times below the ico price 3. DCNUSDT price is ranked #2 of the bottom list at hitbtc exchange. 4. Investors are hurt. Company’s reputation at the edge. DCN Community Telegram channel (social media) members number dropped from near 8000 to below 5000 members . 5. The project team is live and doing good job but the price is telling different story by continue dipping and not effotrs companion since the last two years.Either this caused/reflect unprofessional management or the dcn price is forced to dip intentionally for a reason that is not investigated officially yet to find out the root causes of the problem and solution. We still believe on dcn project to survive and succeed. As I am heavily investing in dcn token, would like to see some actions as possible such as, but not limited to ;1. Delist dcn token or suspend temporarily all pairs trading at hitbtc exchange.2. Official investigation to find out what is behind this continues price dip.3. Remedy actions to bring the dcn price to the fair value near 0.00452 level.Last thing, put your self in my sho so what you will do? And thanks for reading my email and appreciate your prompt respond to this issue as possible.ihr könnt den Text als vorlage benutzen mit euren Namen Natürlich, und eure anregungen dem Prof. Dimitrov schreiben 😉tut diese wenn ihr intereese an einer kurs steigerung bezüglich zu DCN haben wollt 😉

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