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🥳 People's favourite Friday is here and it's time for Dentacoin updates! Sneak peek to the next development steps, 527 new users, new Dentacoin Trusted Reviews design, featured DentaVox surveys with double rewards for the weekend, and more... See all news: https://blog.dentacoin.com/dentacoin-weekly-updates-october-11-18-2019/?utm_source=telegram
👏 Today's recognition goes to Iranian Dental Center for their outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Thanks to recent verified reviews, it's easy for prospective patients to get a first-hand insight of the dental center: https://reviews.dentacoin.com/en/dentist/iranian-dental-center/?utm_source=telegram
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You can buy/sell Dentacoin (DCN) on the following exchange platforms:- FatBTC- HitBTC- Coinexchange (closing down soon)- LATOKEN- Mercatox- DOBI Trade- BuyUcoin- SimpleSwap- AtomicWallet- TokenJar- ChangeNow- LATOKEN- CoinSwitch- Blockonix- BoaExchange- Changelly- NetcoinsYou can also buy DCN by a credit/debit card directly from your Dentacoin wallet at: https://wallet.dentacoin.com/buy

🌟 Research on how and when patients look at online reviews reveals that patient feedback is user-generated gold for dental practices! Find out more insights on the topic in our latest blog article: https://reviews.dentacoin.com/blog/how-patients-use-online-reviews/?utm_source=telegram
💻 Teledentistry is a revolutionary technology in oral health care and survey results show patients are excited to try it! Find out more about the patient's perspective on virtual dental care in the latest infographic: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/blog/teledentistry-surteledentistry-survey-shows-patients-are-ready-to-welcome-it/?utm_source=telegram
📆 What are the latest surveys? Are there new infographics and stats from DentaVox? How about a new Trusted Reviews Guide? Catch up with what you've missed in our latest weekly updates:https://blog.dentacoin.com/dentacoin-weekly-updates-october-18-25-2019/?utm_source=telegram
A warm welcome to Dentacoin Trusted Reviews to Dra Maria Angelica Monroy from Barranquilla, Colombia! Inspired by the motto 🌟"My goal, your best smile"🌟, Dr. Monroy is there to help patients from Barranquilla and abroad with any oral health issues, which prevent them from smiling with confidence. Check out Dr. Monroy's profile and leave a review if you visited her practice lately:https://reviews.dentacoin.com/en/dentist/maria-angelica-monroy/?utm_source=telegram
⭐️ Milestone Complete! You can now officially access your favourite digital asset from the comforts of the Dentacoin Wallet mobile app for Android and iOS. Dental payments have never been easier!https://blog.dentacoin.com/dentacoin-wallet-mobile-app-officially-released/?utm_source=telegram
​​🏫 Parents often rely on schools to teach children everything, including general life skills. What has your school curriculum taught you about oral health? Is there something you wished you learned in school? ➡️ Share your valuable opinion and monetize it: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/en/paid-dental-surveys/oral-health-education-schools/?utm_source=telegram
​​👏 Shoutout to ⭐️ Dentaprime F3T ⭐️ for the 5-star review by Mr. Chris Darling! Excellent patient care, detailed explanation of treatment plan, and outstanding end result - this is how Mr. Darling describes his recent experience at Dentaprime F3T. Check out more on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews 👇
😄 Does professional teeth whitening damage teeth? Will whitening make your teeth look unnatural? Is active charcoal the best whitening solution? ➡️ We explored the awareness of 20 popular notions on teeth whitening and gladly busted the myths. Check out the key findings: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/blog/teeth-whitening-20-myths-facts-stats/?utm_source=telegram
​​🎤 Dentacoin's Co-founder Jeremias Grenzebach, interviewed by StealthEX: "The dental industry has a unique position within the healthcare sector with its very high degree of fragmentation (approx. 1.6 small players acting independently) and a low level of industrialization. This makes it a perfect fit for decentralized solutions to be applied. ... Dentacoin is aimed at re-inventing the way oral health and dentist-patient relations are handled." Read more: https://stealthex.io/blog/2019/10/24/interview-with-dentacoin/
​​🔅 Self-esteem is built on the foundation of so many and different factors. Is smile one of these factors? How is oral health affecting the way you feel about yourself? ➡️ Share your thoughts and earn rewards for each answered question: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/en/paid-dental-surveys/self-esteem-oral-health/?utm_source=telegram
🌟 TOP DENTISTS OF THE MONTH🌟Congrats to the winners for October:🏆 SWISS Dentaprime - DCN Ambassador Clinic🏆 Dr. Vadivelan Jeyachandran from Vital Voyage Dental Care - Progressive Partner Dentist🏆 Dentalpro - Outstanding Clinic ProfileFind out more about their achievements and best practices from their experience with Dentacoin implementation:https://reviews.dentacoin.com/blog/october-2019-top-dentists-of-the-month/?utm_source=telegram
❓What are the latest news with Dentacoin wallet? Who are the top dentists for the month? Was there an interview with the team? Are there new surveys? Myths & Facts? Find our more in our latest weekly updates:https://blog.dentacoin.com/dentacoin-weekly-updates-october-25-november-1-2019/?utm_source=telegram
🌟 Introducing the new review widgets. Now patients testimonials from Trusted reviews can reach the audience of dental websites in three new layout options: carousel slider, list layout, and rating score badge. Find out how to embed reviews in 2 simple steps:https://reviews.dentacoin.com/blog/new-trusted-reviews-widgets-for-dental-websites/?utm_source=telegram
📅 With Autumn well under way and the year slowly coming to an end, it's time to once again take a closer look at this month's developments. Let's catch up with the latest highlights:1) Dentacoin Wallet Mobile App Officially Released2) Dentacare: Jaws of Battle Lands on iOS3) Trusted Reviews Update: Site Redesign4) Infographic: Teledentistry5) Dentacoin Explained: Supply6) Top Dentists for Octoberhttps://youtu.be/wJTms0YHfcA
​​🎧 Listen to Altcoin Whisperer's podcast about Dentacoin: "You may have heard some people saying it's a shitcoin. My own opinion on Dentacoin is that it's going to be a diamond in the rough; a gold filling that nobody saw coming. ... A huge part of altcoins are not even in a useful utility phase, they don't even have a product. Dentacoin is actually in business." Listen now: https://open.spotify.com/show/3ypbdfE6fiwDdL8kPgh4X3
​​🎨 The majority of survey participants point purely white as the perfect color of the walls in their dentist's office. Other preferred options include pastel colors and landscape wallpapers. 📊Check out more interesting statistics in our Daily Polls Digest: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/blog/dentavox-daily-polls-results-september-2019-digest/?utm_source=telegram
​​👫 If oral health influences the way we smile, eat, talk, behave, what is its impact on our private and professional relationships? And vice versa: can our relationships influence the way we care about our teeth? ➡️ No matter if you've thought about it or not, let's explore this interesting topic together! Share your thoughts and get rewarded: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/en/paid-dental-surveys/relationships-oral-health/?utm_source=telegram
📅 An entire month of exciting daily polls and results is behind us. Do people prefer male or female dentists? What's best for relieving stress during dental treatment? If they had to choose between a robot and a human to perform a complicated oral surgery, what would people choose? 📊 Check out our brand new statistics on 31 interesting topics: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/blog/dentavox-daily-polls-results-october-2019-digest/?utm_source=telegram
​​🏆Today's recognition goes to Dentalpro - Dental Specialist Centre, Malaysia, featured on 🌟Top Dentist of the Month for October🌟. The Malaysian clinic welcomes patients from over 120 countries. Check out their outstanding profile on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, which helps patients get a feeling of the high-end dental clinic and the welcoming atmosphere before their first visit: https://reviews.dentacoin.com/en/dentist/dentalpro-dental-specialist-centre/?utm_source=telegram
​​📊 Modern Ghana reporting results from DentaVox Surveys: "DentaVox is well-positioned as a trustworthy source for up-to-date dental market statistics. ... We explored the awareness of both men and women about some of the most popular myths and facts on the topic “Pregnancy & Oral Care ”: https://www.modernghana.com/lifestyle/13921/pregnancy-oral-care-20-myths-facts-stats.html
​​Brushing, flossing, rinsing... Are those really the basics of proper oral hygiene? Is flossing needed or overrated? Do you think that brushing more often or harder makes your teeth healthier? ➡️ Earn double rewards today for sharing your opinion: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/en/paid-dental-surveys/20-questions-myths-facts-oral-hygiene?utm_source=telegram
​​Shoutout to🏆 Dr. Vadivelan Jeyachandran, founder of Vital Voyage Dental Care, for his dedication to raising awareness towards dental health and its relationship to general well-being! As a progressive Dentacoin partner, Dr. Jeyachandran was featured on Top Dentists of the Month for October. Check out his profile and leave a review if you are one of his patients!https://reviews.dentacoin.com/en/dentist/vadivelan-jeyachandran/?utm_source=telegram
📆 Was there a new update to Trusted Reviews? What are the results of the daily polls the past months? Are there new surveys released? Find the answers to your questions in our latest weekly updates:https://blog.dentacoin.com/dentacoin-weekly-updates-november-1-8-2019/?utm_source=telegram
​​🏥-> 💻 The majority of respondents say they will (very) likely use teledentistry services in the next five years. According to our survey participants, dental issues that can be best addressed with teledentistry are: 1) Health promotion & prevention education, 2) Diagnosis & dental disease risk assessment, and 3) Preventive procedures. 📊 See live statistics on the topic "Teledentistry": https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/en/dental-survey-stats/teledentistry/?utm_source=telegram
🏥 We've all paid our fair share of high healthcare costs... But what if there's another way? Join us as we take a closer look at how prevention can change our lives and the role the Dentacoin Foundation plays in the mix.https://blog.dentacoin.com/prevention-saves-money-here-is-how/?utm_source=telegram
​​▶️ ValueWalk on smart game mechanics applied to learning: "In a gamified environment learning concepts are communicated in a highly implicit and subliminal manner, inconspicuously interwoven with the game itself. ... With psychology on their side, “Dentacare: Jaws of Battle” was born – an educational collectible trading card game, where the player pits their own digital jaw and its corresponding set of teeth against an opponent in a duel-like arena combat." Read more: https://www.valuewalk.com/2019/10/learning-educational-games/
​​🤨 Whether we like it or not, sometimes root canal treatment is the only way to preserve a natural tooth. Have you ever undergone endodontic treatment? Did you have any complications? How long did the procedure take? ➡️ Share your experience anonymously and get rewarded: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/en/paid-dental-surveys/root-canal-treatment-retreatment/?utm_source=telegram
✨ It takes seconds for a first impression and survey results show that it has a lasting influence on dental patients. Why dental practices should make it count? Take a look at the latest infographic: https://dentavox.dentacoin.com/blog/the-power-of-first-impressions-for-dental-practices-survey-stats-infographic/?utm_source=telegram
​​🌐 Consumer Reports Review included Dentacoin one of "the key players profiled in the global crypto health market" in their recent report. "The global crypto health market is expected to grow from USD 0.06 billion 2017 to USD 1.00 billion by the end of 2024 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 49.20%", the research states. Read more: https://consumerreportsreview.com/crypto-health-market-2019-size-share-trend-key-vendor-analysis-and-outlook-to-2024/

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📆 Is there a new Dentacoin Explained article? What's the latest Trusted Reviews guide? Are there new surveys? Was a new infographic released? How about new stats? Find out more in our latest weekly updates:https://blog.dentacoin.com/dentacoin-weekly-updates-november-8-15-2019/?utm_source=telegram