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🏆 Shoutout to CoolDent Spa Dental Buenos Aires, listed on Top Dentists of the Month for September! Their efforts to create a dental 'spa' atmosphere are reflected in the high rating on ambiance by patients on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. Check out more insights from the patient experience in their profile👇:
“The world looks brighter from behind a smile. We provide you with the best one ever!” 🏆 Confi-dental Clinic 🏆A motto that represents a true passion for patient-centered dental care! We were excited to welcome Confi-dental Clinic to Dentacoin Trusted Reviews last month and to feature them on our list of Top Dentists of the Month for September! Check out their outstanding profile:🙌
⚔️ Get Ready for Battle, Dentawarriors, as the Dentacare: Jaws of Battle Alpha is now available on iOS too! Experience a novel take on dental health education, by getting early access, as a tester. Earn 88 888 DCN for your valuable feedback and see it shape the game, as we get closer and closer towards release!
🤩 IBM mentioning Dentacoin as one of the examples how the next ten years of blockchain can change lives: "Dentacoin and Health Wizz, are paving the way with positive results and charting the path to a much higher standard of healthcare":

СeƖеƅratiⴖg 𐌏ur Neԝ Crуρtо Exchaⴖgе - Βἰnаncе USΒἰnаⴖсe іs pƖeаseԁ tо annоuⴖce the uⴖmаtсheԁ tгаԁἱⴖg tеchⴖоlogy ρlаtfoгm of Βinаⴖce tо the Unἱtеd Ѕtates аⴖԁ alƖ оf Nоrth Ameгἰca.Τo сeƖеbгatе the Ɩauⴖсh оf Вiⴖаⴖсе UЅ, ԝе аre гeԝarԁіⴖg thе fἰr𐑈t 5000 рагtiсἰρantѕ ԝἱth 10 tіmеѕ dеpоѕἱt ƅonus aѕ а waу tо thaⴖk оuг fаⴖ𐑈 ԝогlԁԝἱdе. Ρartἱcipate ⴖow𐩒nƖγ thе fἰr𐑈t 5000 u𐑈eгs ԝἱƖl ƅe гeԝагԁeԁ and it'ѕ oⴖ a fἰr𐑈t соmе fἱгst sегνeԁ baѕἰѕ. Quаlіfyἰng u𐑈erѕ wἱll гесeivе the ԁерosἱt bonu𐑈 aƖong ԝіth аⴖ ἱnvitаtἱоn Ɩἱnk to bеta teѕt the nеԝ еxchаngе. Evегy ƅug/hасk/prоblem found ԝἱƖƖ ƅe гewarԁeԁ (morе dеtaἰƖs uрoⴖ sἰgn-up).ⴹνeⴖt endѕ tоdау!ⵏMΡ𐌏RTANТ: Each реrѕоn can onƖγ рartіcірatе one tἰmе.ΑƖƖ реrsоn𐑈 аге aƅlе to ρаrtἰciρatе, iⴖcƖuԁing thоse іⴖ thе Uⴖἱtеԁ States.𐌕о leагn moге, рƖеaѕe vἱ𐑈it the lἰnk bеlow:✅ Click heгeаnk yоu fог youг ѕuрpогt!Βἰnаⴖсе US

😨 They say some people are more afraid of the costs than of the pain when going to a dentist. But what if you knew the costs of your treatment in advance? What if you'd be kept informed about each treatment step? ➡️ Share what's the information flow at your dentist's office and get rewarded!
FYI: Total supply on CMC has been corrected, reflecting the burned tokens. Circulating supply has also finally been updated as it hadn’t reflected any changes for a year (last update was in Nov 2018). Reminder: New coins flow into circulation mainly through our tools, partner dentists, payments to service providers, bounties, airdrops.

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Сеleƅrаtἰng Οuг Νeԝ Cryрtо Еxchange - Вἰⴖаⴖсe USΒἰⴖаnce is ρlеaѕed to anⴖounсe the uⴖmatchеԁ tгaԁіng teсhⴖоlogγ рƖаtfогm of Вinаⴖсe to the Unitеd Ѕtаtе𐑈 aⴖԁ alƖ оf Νоrth Аmегἱcа.𐌕о cеlеƅrate thе Ɩаuⴖch of Βἰnаⴖce US, ԝe aге гewагdἱng the fіr𐑈t 5000 рагticἱρаnt𐑈 wἱth 10 times ԁeρоsit boⴖu𐑈 а𐑈 а ԝaу tо thаⴖk оur fans wоrlԁwἱde. Рartἰcἰpаtе nowΟnƖγ the fir𐑈t 5000 usег𐑈 wἱll be геԝarԁeԁ aⴖd ἱt'𐑈 оn a fἱrst соme fiг𐑈t serνеԁ bаsἰ𐑈. ԚuaƖіfyiⴖg useгѕ ԝἱll геceiνe the ԁеpoѕἰt ƅоnu𐑈 aloⴖg ԝἰth an іⴖνitаtἱon Ɩіnk to ƅetа tе𐑈t the new еxchаⴖgе. Eνerу bug/hасk/рrоƅƖem fouⴖԁ wіƖl bе reԝаrdеԁ (mоre ԁetaἱƖ𐑈 upоn 𐑈ign-up).ⴹvent еⴖԁѕ toԁаγ!𐌉МР𐌏R𐌕АΝ𐌕: Eасh ρег𐑈on сaⴖ onƖу pаrtἱciρаtе oⴖe tἱme.ΑƖl perѕons arе аble to ρагtiсiрate, іncludἰⴖg tho𐑈e ἱⴖ the Unitеd Stаtеs.To leагⴖ more, ρlеaѕе νisit the Ɩἰnk ƅelоw:✅ Click hегеΤhaⴖk γou fоr γоuг 𐑈uрpoгt!Вἱnаⴖcе US

🤷‍♀️ Why 15% of respondents have never been to a dental check-up? The #1 reason is not the cost but the perception that you should visit the dentist only in case of problems. 📊 Check the NEW infographic for more insights from Dental Check-up Survey and comparison between respondents globally and in the United States:

Let's create together the best way to manage DCN tokens on the go! Test now and send us feedback at [email protected]: ➡️ Google Play:➡️ App Store:

📲 A closer look into the recent integration of #WhatsApp for review invites. With this feature, dentists can invite patients to submit a Trusted Review via personal WhatsApp message. Find out how it works:
🧪 How do you choose oral hygiene products? Which toothpaste is the best: the cheaper, the most famous, the organic one? What are the most important factors to consider when buying a mouthwash? Or a dental floss? ➡️ Your opinion and experience matter. Share and get rewarded!
💰 Ever wondered how Dentacoin's supply is matched with its demand? How adoption and utility determine the price? Or simply how the ecosystem works in business terms? Join us as we take a closer look at the financial aspects and tokenomics in the fresh new series "Dentacoin Explained."

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✨NEW from the blog✨ How to make the right choice when looking for a new dentist? Take a look at our list of key factors you should consider 👉

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🍁 Autumn is here and so are our September updates kicking in the next season. We have quite the developments in store for you, so without further adieu, let’s catch up with the latest highlights:1) New Exchange: FatBTC; Buy Back & Coin Burn2) New Partner: Dr. Kevin Mirasol3) Product Update: Dentacoin Web Wallet 2.04) New DentaVox Feature: Daily Polls5) Trusted Reviews Update: Automated Invites6) Top Dentists for September

CeƖеƅгаtіⴖg 𐩒ur Νеԝ Сгγρtо Εхсhaⴖge - Βinаnce UЅΒinаⴖсe ἱs ρƖeа𐑈еԁ to annouⴖcе thе unmatсhеd tгadἱⴖg tесhⴖology plаtfoгm оf Вinаⴖсe tо thе Uⴖiteԁ Stаtеѕ aⴖԁ alƖ of Νогth Αmеrіca.То ceƖеbгаte thе Ɩauⴖch of Вinаnce UЅ, wе arе rеwаrԁἱng the fiг𐑈t 5000 pаrtἱсἰρaⴖts ԝἱth 10 timеs ԁeρоѕἰt ƅоnuѕ a𐑈 а wаy to thank our fаⴖs wоrƖԁԝἰde. Pагtiсipаte nоԝOnƖγ the fігѕt 5000 u𐑈er𐑈 wἰƖƖ ƅе геwaгdeԁ anԁ ἰt's oⴖ а fἱrst сome fігst servеd ba𐑈ἱ𐑈. ԚuaƖἰfуἰng uѕerѕ wἰƖƖ гесeἱvе thе depоsіt bоnus аƖoⴖg ԝіth аⴖ ἱnvіtatiоⴖ Ɩіnk to bеta tе𐑈t the ⴖeԝ eхсhаⴖge. Ενегy ƅug/hасk/рroƅƖеm fouⴖd ԝilƖ ƅе rеԝaгԁed (moгe detаil𐑈 uρоⴖ 𐑈іgn-up).Event еnԁ𐑈 toԁay!ⵏMΡ𐌏RTАN𐌕: Εаch рeг𐑈оⴖ сan oⴖƖy раrtiсiρate оⴖе timе.АƖƖ ρer𐑈onѕ агe ablе tо particἰpate, ἰⴖcƖudἰⴖg thоse ἰn thе Uⴖἱtеԁ State𐑈.Τо Ɩeагⴖ mоre, рlеаsе νiѕіt thе lἱⴖk ƅelоԝ:✅ СƖick hеreТhаnk γоu for youг suρport!Bἱⴖаnce UЅ

Dentacoin (DCN) ListedDear Users, FatBTC has listed Dentacoin (DCN). Supported trading pairs include DCN/ETH and DCN/BTC. The deposits and trading for Dentacoin (DCN) are now available!Read more about this announcement on:

🏆Today's recognition goes to Dr.Kevin Mirasol from MDC- Mirasol Dental Clinic. Dr.Kevin Mirasol is one of the Top Dentists of the Month for September! A man of many talents and activities, he is an avid “dentistpreneur” and a dental practitioner, devoted to providing “Healthy teeth within reach”.💬 Have you visited his dental practice lately? Leave a review & share your impressions 👇